Wikipedia, at is quite possibly one of the greatest things on the internet. In just a few short years, the majority of basic human knowledge is present. With almost 300 languages present, Wikipedia is a global repository. Wikimedia, the organization that runs Wikipedia, actually started Wikiversity, a collaborative learning tool for both students and teachers. The ideals of the Wikimedia Foundation are great, bringing knowledge to the masses without even showing a single ad!

Actually, you’ll see ads some days of the year – simple requests to keep up donations.  We’ve donated modestly a couple of times because the information provided at Wikipedia, and the images at Wikimedia, allowed us to easily publish blog posts on behalf of many clients and ourselves.

For educational purposes, Wikipedia is like having an Encyclopedia Britannica-like resource, exponentially greater and continuously updated, with footnotes, available at a few keystrokes.

Our whole purpose at is to promote education as our greatest single resource for the health, happiness and general welfare of the populace.

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