Lowest Cost Bachelors Degree

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Lowest Cost Bachelors Degree

University of the People

Leave it to TED to bring the lowest cost bachelors degree to our attention.  Watch the video (less than twenty minutes).


Lowest Cost Bachelors Degree

Get the lowest cost bachelors degree in Business Administration or Computer Science from an Accredited University.  Sign up is $50. Classes are FREE.  Exams are $100 USD each.  Total cost, $4,050 for registration and forty exams.  Financial assistance available.

Learn more about University of the People at http://www.uopeople.edu/ 

This information comes from their “About Us” page:

University of the People (UoPeople) is the world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited, online academic institution dedicated to opening access to higher education globally for all qualified individuals, despite financial, geographic or societal constraints.

In February 2014 UoPeople received accreditation from the Distance and Education Training Council, a U.S. Department of Education authorized accrediting agency.

Founded in 2009 by educational entrepreneur Shai Reshef, UoPeople is affiliated with the United Nations GAID, the Clinton Global Initiative, and Yale Law School ISP. UoPeople has signed collaborative partnership agreements with New York University (NYU) to accept students; Microsoft for scholarships, internships and mentoring and with Hewlett-Packard (HP), through the Catalyst Initiative, to provide student internship opportunities. UoPeople offers undergraduate programs in Business Administration and Computer Science. To date, more than 2,000 students from over 140 countries have been admitted. Of students polled consecutively each term, 95% would recommend UoPeople to a peer.

With its tuition-free online programs, University of the People is opening access to higher education for all those constrained, as well as building a scalable and replicable model capable of changing the very nature of higher education. The non-profit UoPeople has managed to succeed in cutting down almost the entire cost of higher education, and does not charge for tuition or books/materials. All that is asked is for students to pay a one-time application processing fee ($50) and subsequent modest examination processing fees ($100) levied per course. There are no other fees whatsoever.

University of the People is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.    Contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.  About us text above is  Copyright © University of the People 2014. All rights reserved.

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