Free Tech Learning Materials, Books, eBooks, Videos

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Free Tech Learning Materials, Books, eBooks, Videos
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Free Tech Learning Materials courtesy of O’Reilly Media, Inc.

Free Tech Learning Materials are available courtesy of O’Reilly Media, Inc.

Free tech learning materials abound, especially about any web-related tech.  O’Reilly is a long-time publisher of tech books, and it is a pleasure to report that they make a fair number available as free tech learning materials.

As the founder and CEO of a web development firm for 25 years, I’ve found that the most gifted developers are largely self-taught.  Even those who’ve earned an Associates, Baccalaureate or Graduate degree have most often learned as much or more on their own than they learned in a classroom.

Many of the books offered are curated compilations – they may be a combination of chapters from different books that broadly cover a topic, and introduce the reader to authors with styles that are easily accessible.

Even non-technical entrepreneurs in the tech arena can benefit from the offerings at O’Reilly.

Free Tech Learning Materials Startup Essentials eBook cover image

93 page Startup Essentials eBook – free at

Startup Essentials – A Curated Collection of Chapters
from the O’Reilly Business Library is available free at

We’re not getting paid to promote O’Reilly.  We’ve just been long-time fans and sometimes customers.

Indeed, do a Google Search for “free information <insert the name of your hardware, software, or other subject matter here>” and you’re likely to find a wealth of information.

For example, a Google search for “free information PHP” yielded great results, from the Wikipedia definition, history and more on PHP, through PHP licensing information, free code training – all on page one alone.  Of course, you may need to tweak your search terms from time to time for best results.

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